Sunday, November 17, 2013


A typical game of hide-and-seek at our house goes something like this:

The boys run and hide together and we count to ten. We then say, "Coming to find you!" And Anders immediately responds, "Hiding in my room! Under the bed!"

Tonight, we were playing and after about ten minutes, the boys run off to hide in my closet, so David and I decide to turn off the lights in the rest of the house. Then we told them we were hiding. So they come out of the closet, and out of our room, and into the hall, when Anders exclaims, "What the world! How'd it get dark?" It was so funny that even with a stifled giggle, the boys both quickly tuned into where I was hiding in the dark. 

Bram also took off to hide by himself and when we discovered his was missing, Anders goes, "He's hiding in your closet mom!" We went into my room to find him and I asked, "Are you hiding in my closet Bram?" I hear a barely audible, "No." 

We really enjoy playing hide-and-seek in this family!

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