Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three-year-old Mind

I put in a movie for the boys and was trying to fast-forward through the previews...

I have the throw in my little rant about DVD's and previews. Every movie we now buy makes you sit through a whole bunch of previews and disclaimers BEFORE you even can get to the menu of your movie. It kills me because I spend up to five minutes trying to get a movie started for my boys. I didn't realize that is what I was signing up for by buying movies. I think it is wrong. Rant over.

So one of the previews started and the first line of the anouncer was, "the last place". Then I was able to fast forward. Anders goes, "Mom, the last place? That's not right, the last place." And he gave me this flabbergasted look. 

Then I finally have their movie started. It begins with typed monologue and a voice reading it. Anders sees it and goes, "Mom, look! Scriptures!" Already a little Mormon boy! :)

The boys watching their movie as I type this.

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