Sunday, October 27, 2013


We carved pumpkins as a family tonight. Anders picked the albino one from the farmer's market, and Bram picked the two smallest ones he could find. David picked a huge one for me and him to carve. Can you tell we are the parents of little boys?

Anders wanted his to be a smiley face and to color it orange. Lol. Why not just get an orange one to begin with? So his turned into what he called a "spooky smiley face". After I drew the smiley face on Anders' to be carved by Dad, Bram demanded I draw smiley faces on his two little ones, which he also colored. Anders was freaking out about his Dad carving and cutting the pumpkin. Freaking out! We had to talk him through it for ten minutes before David could keep on going. 

Anders thought the innards of the pumpkins were so gross, enough so that he would gag if he got so close. Bram likes to touch gross stuff, so he helped his dad clear out the big pumpkin while Anders looked thoroughly disgusted while watching.

Anders never got around to coloring his orange because Bram finished and wanted to play. So they have been off playing so great together while David and I have been having a "mini" date together. 

Overall, it was a great experience. 

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