Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kid Logic

We got home from dropping David off at the metro station and came into the living room. Anders goes, "I smell someping yuck mom!" It was Camrose and it was a really gross, lingering smell. So I told him Camrose was stinky. He wanted me to make Camrose leave. The smell was strong enough that Anders could smell it through his stuffed up nose!

Then Anders went to the bathroom just now. He comes running back into the living room with his underwear and pants still at his ankles. He goes, "I flushed the toilet with my mouth, not my hands. I not touch it with my hands." His justification for why he didn't need to wash his hands.

I told Anders about how we were going trick-or-treating tonight. He asked what it was. I explained that he got dressed up in his costume and then he carried his pumpkin from door to door and people put candy in it. He looked at me like I was telling a fairy tale. Then he asked his dad, "I like it or no?" Lol. This is the first year he is going to do it so we don't really know, but I piped in from the other room and told him he was going to love it. He can't wait to go.

That kid is just too much! Lol.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


We carved pumpkins as a family tonight. Anders picked the albino one from the farmer's market, and Bram picked the two smallest ones he could find. David picked a huge one for me and him to carve. Can you tell we are the parents of little boys?

Anders wanted his to be a smiley face and to color it orange. Lol. Why not just get an orange one to begin with? So his turned into what he called a "spooky smiley face". After I drew the smiley face on Anders' to be carved by Dad, Bram demanded I draw smiley faces on his two little ones, which he also colored. Anders was freaking out about his Dad carving and cutting the pumpkin. Freaking out! We had to talk him through it for ten minutes before David could keep on going. 

Anders thought the innards of the pumpkins were so gross, enough so that he would gag if he got so close. Bram likes to touch gross stuff, so he helped his dad clear out the big pumpkin while Anders looked thoroughly disgusted while watching.

Anders never got around to coloring his orange because Bram finished and wanted to play. So they have been off playing so great together while David and I have been having a "mini" date together. 

Overall, it was a great experience. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Bram has this new thing where he proudly exclaims, "self!" while throwing his arms out wide after completing a task by himself. It is so cute. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Three-year-old Physics

I changed Bram's diaper on our change table. David built a ladder on it so that I don't have to lift the boys to change their diapers anymore (not cause I am a weakling, but because I am five months prego). Bram wanted me to catch him when I finished changing him. I said no, because the little stinker made me put him in his crib for time-out and then out of the crib onto the change table. He had a meltdown when I said no. 

Anders came running in ready to help. I walked out to throw his diaper away and told Anders not to climb onto the change table. Next thing I know I hear a loud crash and then screaming...

Anders had gone into his room with the intention of catching his brother off the change table since I wouldn't. When Bram wouldn't jump to him, he climbed up onto the change table to push his brother off, so he could then catch him. Unfortunately, time does not stop for three-year-old's. A hard lesson he learned when his brother got hurt. Luckily it was just a sprained ankle. I am pretty sure Anders and I cried more than Bram.

On a happier note, Anders finally decided he was ready for underwear and is basically potty-trained. No more diapers! He has a few accidents here and there, but that is pretty impressive considering he went straight to underwear 24/7 about four days ago. I think the best part is that it has been completely painless for me and David. We haven't had to fight with him about it because he decided it was time. I am just glad he decided that before the baby comes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Potty Training Talks

So we are still working on potty-training Anders. We finally got him some Lightning McQueen underwear to help motivate him. He wore them all night and all the way through today, until he pooped his pants while company was over tonight. This morning I had the best conversation with him about keeping his underwear dry and clean.

Me: You don't want to poop on Lightning McQueen do you? I don't think he would like that. Would you like it if he pooped on you?

Anders: Lightning McQueen doesn't have a bum.

Point made. That little mind.


On this day of Thanks in Canada, we are grateful for many things. We are grateful to have a wonderful family with 2 young boys and a little girl on the way. We are grateful for the knowledge that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be together forever as a family and that through his atonement, we can return to live in his presence.

Thanks also to all who have influenced our lives!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I People

Anders and I were cuddling and he put his hand near my mouth, so I nibbled a finger. He shouts, "No mom, eat your finger!" I respond, "No way. I want to eat yours, you just taste so good!" He goes, "No mom, I not food. I people." 

Last night we were grocers shopping and a quarter moon was out. When we came out of Costco, Anders forlornly says, "Oh no, the moon melt." We looked up and saw a mist that made it look like the moon was melting. So cute!

Bram likes to eat everything inside out. So everyday for lunch, we get a mess on his face and hands that usually looks like the picture below.

Friday, October 4, 2013


We were heading out the door to go the park as a strong gust of wind blew past. Anders gleefully shouted, "They are playing together!" I asked him who thinking he was talking about squirrels or cats. He responded, "The leaves are playing together!"

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three-year-old Mind

I put in a movie for the boys and was trying to fast-forward through the previews...

I have the throw in my little rant about DVD's and previews. Every movie we now buy makes you sit through a whole bunch of previews and disclaimers BEFORE you even can get to the menu of your movie. It kills me because I spend up to five minutes trying to get a movie started for my boys. I didn't realize that is what I was signing up for by buying movies. I think it is wrong. Rant over.

So one of the previews started and the first line of the anouncer was, "the last place". Then I was able to fast forward. Anders goes, "Mom, the last place? That's not right, the last place." And he gave me this flabbergasted look. 

Then I finally have their movie started. It begins with typed monologue and a voice reading it. Anders sees it and goes, "Mom, look! Scriptures!" Already a little Mormon boy! :)

The boys watching their movie as I type this.

Head shoulders knees and toes

Bram has his own version:

Male unmentionables

Set to the tune

But not the right words.

He has now repeated it several times on his own, usually during diaper changes.