Friday, December 27, 2013

Polka Dot

Bram found his new best friend yesterday. We went to a store for the boys to look for the gifts they are going to bring their baby sister in the hospital. While looking around we found a section of safari stuffed animals, with six or seven different versions of stuffed giraffes. I started handing the different ones to Bram, and he wouldn't let go of this one. Even after he fell asleep, he still had a tight grip on him. Bram wants to call him Giraffe, and Anders suggested, "Polka Dot!" I thought that was such a cute name suggestion, so we are calling him both.

When we got home on Christmas Eve, David carried the boys inside wrapped in their new blankets. I walked in afterwards and this is what I found:
Well, almost what I found. Bram was laying face down and they said, "Hiding!" in unison. I was laughing so hard. 

Then as I was writing this post, the boys decided to do this:

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