Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kid Magnet

We were at our ward Christmas dinner last night and they were having the primary present a live nativity. Some of our friends have two girls the same age as our two boys. The wife was leading the older primary in singing and their oldest daughter (3 1/2) decided to sit up on the stage even though she is still in nursery. The dad was trying to film his wife and daughter, but their youngest is a wiggle worm. So other friends of ours in the ward were trying to hold her for the dad. The husband was laughing so hard because the little girl was twisting and squirming in every direction to get out of his arms. I started laughing too, and so I pointed them out to David. He immediately jumped up and offered for the little girl to come to him. She did happily. Then, when her dad came to get her a few minutes later, she threw herself back into David's arms. He is such a good dad! On our way home he was telling me that he just ignored her in his arms, which is why she was okay. I said, "Hey! I taught you that when we first got married!" He said, "I know! I listen."

Here is a picture of Bram coming to say goodbye to me, as Daddy is taking them out for a walk to look for "little coons" (raccoons). Anders is convinced he will see some with the squirrels. I have no idea where that came from.

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