Sunday, December 15, 2013

Home Teacher In Training

Anders was dying to go home teaching with his Dad on Friday night. He begged and begged. Finally, I told him he would have to wear church clothes if he wanted to go. The missionaries were still getting ready to leave our house. When they left, we found Anders in his room trying to get into church clothes by himself.

Last night, Anders was watching me take my many pills before bed. He queried, "Mom, you take your pills for your privacy?" My response, "My what?" He goes, "Your privacy." I reply, "You mean my pregnancy?" Anders, "Ya. That."

Bram grabbed a Christmas ornament off the tree, climbed onto the coffee table, and threw the ornament like a grenade. It shattered all over the floor. He had a little too much fun with that one.

T.M.I. But too cute not to write down. David is always asking me how I am doing and where I am hurting. I didn't realize Anders also paid attention to my answers. So the other night we were getting ready to cuddle and I was grunting away as I tried to relax with all the pains in my body from being pregnant. Anders looked so concerned and asked, "Mom, your scrotch hurt? Or your body?" I thought I was going to die of laughter. 

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