Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Instructions to Make a Baby Gym

This project is so easy we were able to assemble it in Home Depot. When you buy the pieces, the PVC piping comes in two-foot lengths. So be sure to have an employee cut them for you in the store. You can even choose other pieces to create your own unique baby gym.

These are all the parts needed to assemble the homemade play gym. Total: $12.91.

This is a corner piece. 3/4 inch PVC, 90 degree corner pieces. Need 4.

This is the cross piece. Need one.

This is one of the leg caps. Need 4.

This is the top of the play gym. It uses the one cross piece, and 4 - one foot pieces of 3/4 PVC pipe.

This is a leg. It is made up of a cap, one 18 inch piece of 3/4 PVC pipe.

This is the final product of the play gym. We are going to buy fabric to make sleeves for the pipes. We will post picture once we have time to finish that little project. Maybe for our next FHE.

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Unknown said...

I'm so excited to make this! Thanks for sharing!😄