Monday, May 12, 2014

Saying the Darndest Things

Summer have red and summer don't have red. -Anders

I am gonna tell you a question. - Anders

The first one built his house with cheese. The next one built his house out of cardboard. The last one built his house of bricks. -Anders

Watch me do. - Bram

You're supposed to be not doing that. - Anders

Anders had mucus stuck in his throat making his voice sound funny, so I told him to cough. He obeyed and then looked at me. I told him to say something and he looked confused and then said, "hello?"
I was tickling Anders and Bram says, "Don't tickle MY Anders." I tell him that Anders is "MY Anders" and then ask Anders if he is mine or Bram's. He says he is mine AND Bram's. I repeat to Bram that Anders is "MY Anders" and Bram in exasperation exclaims, "But he's just my friend!

We were looking at pictures of waterfalls and their was one with a frozen waterfall that had a big gaping hole in it. Bram says to me, "I don't know what's inside that hole. Maybe it's a bad guy hiding inside it."

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