Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hippos Are Hilarious

Funniest Stories from our Zoo Trip for Anders' Birthday:

Hippos. Enough said.

We were watching the otters and baboons in an enclosed area. The otters were being really playful and swimming close to the glass for us to watch them. As I turned, Bram launched himself away from the glass where he was leaning in to watch a baboon with a blue bum who was also close to the glass. The baboon had slammed both of its hands against the glass towards Bram. Bram reacted like it had actually hit him as he stumbled over himself to get away,

We were taking a picture with a gorilla statue. Bram was a little wary of it, but still brave enough to stand for a picture. But when it suddenly made a reverberating noise when Anders hit it from behind, Bram was OUT OF THERE faster than I thought was possible for him.

Anders stumbled to hurry and see the giraffes and took out Bram who was just in front of him. It was quite a shock to Bram who didn't have any warning. Anders redeemed himself later when Bram almost dove into concrete head first. Anders saw that he was falling and reached out to catch him, and was able to dramatically slow his fall and stop any injury.

They had an exhibit where you can pet sting rays, and pay to feed them. Anders was interested in feeding the sting rays, so David helped him. They all swarmed toward him and freaked him out, so he dropped the fish onto the back of one of them. They all flapped excitedly to get the fish and splashed David, Anders and Bram in the face. It was hilarious. 

Anders got to ride on a camel with David. Bram was ready for his turn when they finished. Unfortunately, Bram was not tall enough to go. So David simulated a camel ride with Bram on his shoulders. Definitely filmed that one for posterity. 

The boys also got to run back and forth with a jaguar, who happened to be pacing on the other side of the glass. They were giggling with glee as I contemplated how horrific that scene would be in any other circumstance. 

Bram LOVED seeing the giraffes. He kept asking to go ride on them. 

Anders loved riding the monorail, and our train just happened to be GREEN.

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