Monday, May 26, 2014

7 Years into Eternity

We celebrated our seven year anniversary today! We had a lazy morning where David and I surprised eachother with love letters.

Then we took the kids to the recre-o-fun to play! We had a blast. David and I played so hard with the boys we were all sweating up a storm before we left.

Then we grabbed Five Guys for lunch and went to see X-Men in the theaters. 

On the drive home from the movie, Anders says, "That was so fun going to the movies. We should go all the times. Mom, you should say, "let's go to the movies" and then we can to to the movie theater."

David and I then had a quiet, three-course dinner (made by David) at home without the kids. They were over at Anders' best friend's house. David really felt the love this anniversary because it absolutely killed me to leave Astrid for the hour and a half, but I did it anyway! Astrid ended up sleeping the entire time. 

It was the perfect anniversary for us this year, since we can't do much with an almost 4-month-old in tow. I am more in love with my man today than I could have even imagined I could be. And to think that the life we started together seven years ago, could lead to the beautiful life we enjoy together today! It is great when you can see that you are living your happily ever after. 

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