Sunday, September 22, 2013

Posed To

Anders was asking me incessantly for something. I had already given him the time when he could get what it was he wanted. He continued to ask. I told him that if he asked me again before it was time, he would have to go in time-out. His response, "Okay. I want to talk. I posed to be talking."

More quotes from this morning, "It's a little bit close." And, "Look, Camrose is wappin [wagging] her tail."

Daddy printed out some pictures for the boys to color and Anders exclaimed, "Daddy made not the gross one."

Whenever the boys watch movies they are very interactive. If it gets to a scary part of the movie Bram will say, "scare" and start shouting, "GO WAY! GO WAY! Garghhhhhhhhhhh!" While shouting he is pointing his arms at the screen and making shooting noises. It is pretty hilarious. 

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