Saturday, September 28, 2013


Last night, we finally had to have the talk with Anders about appropriate affection. His best friend, Samuel, was over and as they left Anders and Samuel gave eachother a huge bear hug goodbye. It was so adorable and we were all watching as Anders pulled away and planted a big, fat kiss on Samuel lips. We were kind of shocked. We tried to explain to Anders that he should only be giving kisses to mom and dad and Bram. So Bram gives Samuel a hug goodbye and then expectantly puckered, which Samuel didn't even notice.

This morning, David took the boys grocery shopping. Anders leaned over the cart and planted a kiss on a cucumber. Then, at another store he walked up to a big poster in the make-up section and kissed the person in the poster on the lips...

Looks like it is going to take some more time before the message sinks in.

Bram had awesome bed head today. It was crazy all morning and then somehow got worse after his nap.

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