Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anders is too Adorable

Last night it was Anders' turn for family prayer. He started his prayer and said a quick blessing on the food...he was a little confused because we started doing our family prayer and scripture study at the kitchen table a few days ago. We told him he needed to say another prayer because we were not here eating food. He started another prayer which ended up being a long monologue about our adventures to the temple grounds for F.H.E. the night before. He explained how we went to the temple and saw flowers, and then we went on the bridge, and then we went the other way but stopped because of a scary man* and then we went back down the stairs to see the flowers again. I found his prayer so adorable because he was really talking to his Heavenly Father like you would expect a three-year-old to talk to their father. 

*So the scary man part is my fault. It was getting dark and there was a walkway behind the temple gates that went into a little forest of trees. Being pregnant, I am overly sensitive to my inability to really protect my children, so when they wanted to go down the path into the woods in the fading light with a pregnant momma, I said it wasn't a good idea because there could be a scary man lurking. 

Today, I was telling Anders that maybe we would go to the park this evening with Daddy. He got really excited and said, "You coming too? And me and dad and Bram, but not Camrose." I told him that was correct and that Camrose wasn't allowed at the park. He responded, "Yeah, because she runs around and eats people." Um, no. Dogs aren't allowed.

Bram grabbed a wooden shape box and purposefully slammed it against my shin with a somewhat sharp corner. Boy did that hurt, that little punk. He went straight to time-out without a fuss, while Anders was fussing over me and wanting to know where to kiss it better. As my eyes still watered from the stinging pain, I couldn't let myself allow him close enough to kiss it. Lucky for me, he is incredibly patient with me and took it in stride.

The picture is Bram later sitting on the box he used to maim my shin.

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