Friday, March 15, 2013

"I Make it Better"

As I was tucking Anders into bed tonight, I began to feel a pretty intense fatigue headache. I had my left hand across my forehead, and Anders goes, "mom, what are you doing with your hand?" The obvious answer is that I am laying it across my forehead. Instead, tell him that I am not feeling good. He then goes on to explain how I need a bandaid to make it better. So I let him get out of bed to go get one to make it better. His footsteps pitter-pattered down the hall and he braved the dark kitchen by himself (he is afraid of the dark). His footsteps rumbled as he came running back into his room, which is also dark except for the nightlight. I unwrap the bandaid and hold it while Anders runs to throw away the wrapper. He comes back and puts the bandaid on me as seen below in the picture. He then has a very pleased smile as he tells me that he gave me one of his lightning McQueen bandaids and it is going to make my head all better. I thank him profusely for sharing with me and making it better. He then tells me he loves me, grinning from ear to ear.

While my head still aches, I find myself feeling a little better with a smile every time I think about this bandaid on my forehead.

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