Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Start to the New Year

Some New Year Goals:

1. Bram potty-trained
2. Anders reading/preschool from home
3. French lessons every Monday morning

Our first official day of the New Year started today. David went back to school, so we are no longer on "vacation". 

We spent the morning building towers out of the Brik-a-Blok's from Uncle Jon, doing our first French lesson, and colouring. After lunch, we started Anders doing his homework sheet (pictured below) and Bram ran off to poop in the toilet ALL BY HIMSELF.
After everyone came to see his pooping achievement, we were jumping around and hollering! It was a big potty-training step for Bram.

This is the first time we have ever done a worksheet like this. He has never written numbers before. I am so pleased with how he did! Gush, gush and more gush pleased!

I think it is a great start to the New Year and I am looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store for us.

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