Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrity Quotes

Since my kids are my favorite celebrities.

"Astrid is the best baby in the world because she chews on stuff" - Anders

"I love you Bubba!" I tell Anders as I am tucking him into bed.
He responds, "I not Bubba, I Anders."
I explain to him, "Bubba is what I called you when you were a baby."
He insists, "I just Anders."
I counter, "Well Bram is Brammy, Abraham, Brammykins and Bram. So you can have another name too. And you are bubba. It is your nickname."
He looks confused as he queries, "My Nicholas name?"

Bram tells me, "I don't want to do my soundbook. My back hurts, so I can't do my soundbook."

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