Thursday, July 3, 2014

Payback - pay attention Grandpa

David here...

When I was young, my parent tell me that I used to sleep walk and use the 'bathroom' in the night. My sleeping brain would get me out of bed, I would walk someplace and then go to the bathroom (a drawer, plant pot, etc.).

Last night, Astrid was having a hard time so I sat up for a while with her on the couch until her digestion calmed and she fell asleep. I headed for bed and within a minute, I hear feet out of bed... I wait and I don't hear the bathroom door open so I think to myself that I should check to see what is going on in case it is Bram...

I see a silhouette down the hall by the bathroom door that is against a toy car the kids have (the kind they can sit in and use their feet to move around). I walk over to see Anders with his pants down peeing into the car through the side windows. Then he pulls up his pants, raises and rubs his hands (like he is washing them) and then walks back to bed... Thought I was going to laugh so loud that I would wake the family. All I could think was... Grandpa, don't worry, it came back to me! And FYI, I laughed the entire time I cleaned it up.

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