Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bargain Shopping Fail

Today, I remembered why I don't like to bargain shop. Mostly it comes down to needing more brain power than I can muster with three little ones.

So it started off fine. We made it to the mall without any hiccups. It was raining lightly, which was annoying, but not a hindrance. 

We walked into the first store and they have a ton of things to keep kids busy while you shop. I was looking on the clearance racks for deals when Anders comes running up to me to tell me he has to pee. (I make him go to the bathroom before we leave to go anywhere!). I ask him to hold it while I finish looking. He goes back to being crazy with his brother, where they are running all over the store screaming. 

Side note: so to bargain shop and look for deals, you have to really focus, which means you can't focus as well on your children if they happen to be with you.

I am trying to hurry and keep track of them. They refuse to listen. Anders comes up to me again and I tell him to go ask the lady at the register if they have a bathroom. He runs away and comes back clutching his crotch and with a very pained expression insists he has to pee. I run him into a mother's nursing lounge. (What a joke! A lounge for nursing but no bathroom!) Just as I pull his pants down he starts peeing all over the floor, his clothes, my hands, the stool I am sitting on, the footrest of he rocking chair. He couldn't stop it, poor guy. 

I am sitting there, hands covered in pee, trying to figure out what to do and not cry. I really wanted to cry and told Anders as much. 

I leave him there as I run out to find clearance clothes to buy for him to wear right then. I changed him, cleaned up the floor and everything else with a bunch of wipes, and then got out of that dang store as fast as I could. I have learned my lesson about what happens when I push Anders to wait for too long.

Bram was watching cars and playing at the closest kid station to the nursing lounge through it all,

And through it all, Astrid was a peach. She just hangs out and observes and lets me handle whatever needs to be handled without demanding more from me than I can give her. She is such a remarkable baby. 

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