Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Change

We have been overdue for a new shower curtain for longer than I care to admit. I LOVED the old one and was having a hard time finding a new one that I liked as much and that was affordable. Everything in Canada is just too dang expensive. So we went to IKEA today as our family outing. The boys were so stir crazy from being sick and stuck inside for two days straight. It was -38 degrees Celsius today, which doesn't really provide good incentive to do anything outside. 

We only planned on getting one of IKEA's special nightlights. We already have one for the bathroom at night. Our bathroom doesn't have an outlet, so Anders was struggling making it to the toilet in time in the middle of night by himself. So he can push the top of the nightlight on the counter and see what he is doing, and then turn it off when he is done. 

We wanted another one for our bedroom for when Astrid is born because turning on a light to change a diaper in the middle of the night, or to see enough to nurse, or find a pacifier, doesn't require a lot of light. Plus, if you are the parent trying desperately to catch your few zzzz's the light of a bedside lamp or overhead light is so jarring to any rem-cycle. Even when you are past exhaustion. So we get the light, have some lunch, and head downstairs. 

Then I have the epiphany: maybe IKEA has an affordable and cute shower curtain. THEY DID! So after six and a half years we now have a new shower curtain and the change feels good!

Even Anders is really excited for it!

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