Thursday, December 20, 2012

Too Smaller

Tonight we were working on sounds with Anders. He has a sound book that has lots of pictures to make it more fun. We got to the letter h. There is a traced picture of a child's hand but it is still bigger than Anders'. Anders put his hand down on the picture and sounded disappointed as he said, "too smaller." He then had me do it and sounded equally disappointed as he said, "too bigger." So cute!

He is also having a hard time with correctly using pronouns. When he wants mom in the morning if Dad goes in to help him instead, he always asks, "where is mommy? I want momma! I need him!" Lol. It drives David crazy. We are working on it...

I asked him if he knew my name tonight. He says, "mom!" I asked if he knew my other name. He looks thoughtful and then says, "girl". Lol. I love that kid!

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