Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Our nightly routine begins with baths. Then we change into pajamas and brush teeth. This is followed by family scripture study and family prayer in the boys' bedroom. I stay with Anders and settle him down for bed by reading a few stories to him and then cuddling with him for a few minutes while we sing church songs together. At the same time I am doing this with Anders, David watches America's Funniest Home videos while feeding Bram his bottle. (David claims that Bram insists on watching AFV because it is the only thing David can watch that keeps Bram still and calm). When I come out of the boy's bedroom I kiss Bram goodnight and then David lays him in the crib in the boy's room. Tonight I changed it up a little bit by cuddling and singing with Bram on my bed in the dark for a few minutes before putting him in his crib. He is mostly sleep trained so he rarely cries anymore. When I laid him down tonight he started crying the minute I wasn't touching him anymore. After I left the room and settled on the couch I heard Anders go, "Quiet Bram! You're otay." Bram immediately stopped crying. A couple of seconds later Bram started talking to himself and every minute or so Anders shushed him. Just now Anders started singing Happy Birthday. I am loving this stage with the boys!

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