Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not feel good Mom, I hurt.

So the desk and I got into a fight this morning. The desk won. 

I was reaching for some toys for Bram, who was at my feet, and as I reached down to hand them to him my eyelid (right under my eyebrow) hit the corner of the desk really hard. Boy, that hurt A LOT. 

So I was hollering (as my grandma would describe it) and Anders kept asking me what was wrong. I told him I was hurt. He came up and asked if he could kiss it. Sweet kid, but the last thing I wanted was him near my very sore eye. I went and grabbed an ice-pack and curled up on the couch. Anders came up and said "Not feel good Mom. I hurt too" and proceeded to try to grab the ice-pack from me for his pretend owie on his head. 

He gave it back. So I put it on my eyelid again. Then he tried to get it back. I told him he was fine. I looked back at him a few seconds later and he was shoving a toy car into his eye repeatedly to 'hurt himself'. I started laughing and handed him the ice-pack. If he was willing to hurt himself on purpose for it, he was more than welcome to it. 

Bram now has four teeth. Two top and two bottom. He has started giving me a huge toothy grin all the time that cracks me up. They just look so out of place in such a small body. He is also standing and is always demanding that I stand him up where he can hold onto something. It is possible he will start walking before crawling really young like his big brother. He is also my screecher, whether happy or sad. He is always looking for something new to grab as well. 

Loving my boys and the journey!

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Kelsey said...

Makes me smile :) Too cute, Syd.