Friday, September 24, 2010

Poop Day...

Anders and I walked up to meet David today so we could walk home with him from school. The fresh air from long walks has done wonders with helping Anders sleep through the night. So I didn't want to take the diaper bag because the walk is just too exhausting and his stroller is too heavy to make it all the way to David without my lungs being on fire and sweat rolling down my neck. To be safe I put an extra diaper and outfit in my purse, along with the changing pad and wipes. We headed out and walked the 45 minute trek to where David was working on research. We arrived earlier than I anticipated, so David was not quite finished with his research for the day. I thought to myself, "No biggie, I brought an extra diaper". While sitting and waiting for David, Anders started to get a little fussy (usually indicating that his diaper is wet - the boy cannot stand a wet diaper)and so I checked his diaper. Lo and behold, our son was very wet. I made a make-shift change table out of his stroller (so proud of myself for that one) and proceeded to cheer our boy up by replacing his drenched diaper with a comfy, dry one. A few more minutes pass, and David runs into a few complications that delay him from wrapping up for the day. He offers for us to leave, but I think "what the heck, I am doing what I would be doing at home (watching Anders) and he is content with all these new things to look at." So I tell David that we are happy to wait while he finishes. I was barely done consenting to this plan, when Anders exploded out of his diaper - the newly changed diaper from a few minutes previously. Anders has turned into a once-a-day pooper, and so when it comes, IT COMES! We weren't sure what to do...there was poop oozing out the side of his diaper. All I knew, was that we had to come up with something fast, before he decided he had to be held. We wrapped up David's project and he returned equipment while I rushed to the BYU mini-convenient store, hoping that there are diapers. I went to where I thought there might be diapers and find that THEY HAVE THEM! They carry 2 sizes, the size above him and the size below him. We go for the bigger diapers. Get him changed and walk the long trek home. Weh! That was exhausting.

So remember how I said that he was a once a day pooper? Well, not today. This evening, I had Anders on my lap while I was working on studying for a midterm and he was letting out gas for a few minutes (not uncommon). Suddenly he lets one rip (a huge one) and I look down and poop is pooling into my lap that squirted out his diaper. I was thoroughly grossed out for the first time since he has been born. David laughed as he came running in due to my hollering and grabs Anders to change him. I couldn't move because my legs were crossed where the poop had pooled into my lap, so I had to wait until David was done with Anders so he could bring me wipes to clean up my lap a little, before I could move to change. This was also exhausting.

And how is little Anders doing after all this? He has taken so many naps today that I wonder if we will get any solid sleep tonight. It must be from all that traumatizing pooping (with parents being spastic trying to figure it out). Once we think we've got this parent thing down, something like today happens. We still love you though bud!

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