Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anders 4 Month Stats

Weight: 18.3 lbs (95th percentile)
Height: 26 inches (90th percentile)
Head: 45 cm (97th percentile)

This is oblivious little Anders at the doctor's. If only he knew what was coming...

I had to do a close up on this cute little boy.

We got some good play time before the doctor came in. He is just so cute, I can't even stand it!

Our little one after a couple of hours. Shots no good!

When we went in for his appointment, David and I had been estimating that Anders would be at least 16, maybe 17 pounds. We were unprepared to find out that our little chunk is over 18 pounds! No wonder my arms are so buff and I have a very sore back the end of each day. His head circumference also explains why he still struggles to tolerate "tummy time". His head is so big that it is extra hard for him to hold it up when he is on his stomach because the weight of it also pulls his legs up into the air.

The pediatrician was also surprised by how big he was, and this guy sees babies EVERYDAY!!! He was even more impressed when he found out that Anders is still only nursing. An 18 pound baby from nursing alone! This momma has some good milk! Our Doctor said that we are good to start supplementing his diet, but we don't have to. Pretty sure we are going to hold off until at least six months, because I don't want my six-month-old boy being like 25 pounds. Shoot, he might be that anyway, supplementing or not.

Our little guy LOVES bath time. Every night before bed he gets to play in the bath tub for thirty minutes or so, and once he hears the water he gets really quiet. Then when he is naked and is about to be put in on his back...a HUGE smile spreads across his face. That is before he even hits the water. He gets so excited instantly once in the water, splashing and kicking right away. It is my favorite to watch.

Being a mom is getting to be A LOT more fun too! Anders is finally responding and playing which helps the days pass much faster until Dad gets home to play with both of us. He is still a little cuddle-bug, always wanting to be close to momma. Luckily he is okay with Dad, but he definitely prefers momma.

He is sleeping through the night. This week we stopped letting him feed during his middle of the night changing and it did not even phase him. The first night it took him about 10 minutes to fall back asleep, but he did this without screaming or crying. Just the minimal grumbling. The second night he was back asleep in 5 minutes, and then last night he was back to sleep in less than 2. It has been wonderful. He sleeps 8 hours at least before eating now. Then he wakes up to eat and sleeps for another 2 to 4 hours. I am finally catching up on some much needed sleep.

We go on a lot of walks to give this guy some fresh air. That has been a great contributor to his sleeping through the night. He loves going on walks at night when he doesn't have to worry about the blaring sun. Our area does not have enough trees. Nope, not nearly enough. So at night he loves being able to look around at everything. The lights of the cars, and the buildings. So much for him to stare at.

So that is our little guy. His hobbies summed: Momma, Eating, Eating, Bathing, and Walks. And then some more eating and momma. It is so fun!

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Raymond said...

The picture of Syd and Anders both smiling is beautiful. What a joy to see