Saturday, December 13, 2014

Poignant Phrases from Toddler Boys

A phrase from Anders' prayer tonight, "And bless the missionaries to cut the arms off the humans." We do not watch violent movies. We have been reading the story of Ammon for family scripture study and Anders is totally enraptured by it. We explained that Ammon was a missionary, like our missionaries. 

When Bram got out of the tub, I heard him tell his dad, "She (our dog) is going to bite my penis off." And then he ran down the hall in a panic, covering his front with one hand and his bum with the other. So funny! 

Alba is a third dog, a third pig, and a third parrot. She totally runs around snorting like a pig and squawking at me like a parrot. 

Astrid can hold her own against her brothers. The other day there was a really loud grunting noise in the shower. Bram and Astrid were tugging on opposite sides of a toy and Astrid was not letting up at all. Then later, she had Bram crying because she took a toy from him. So much for her being our peacemaker...

Alba sleeps ALL the time and always wants to snuggle near me or David or Astrid.
When David dried Astrid after her bath, he created a masterpiece with her hair, obviously.

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