Monday, October 6, 2014

Teaching Sensitivity

I was explaining to Anders how some people are fat or chubby, like Astrid, but it's not nice to talk to them about it. He asked why. I said it makes them sad. I asked him if I was fat. He said, "No, you're big." He then let out a giggle as he followed up with, "big and skinny." And then he laughed like it was the most hilarious joke.

I moustache you kindly not to laugh. <--- How polite was that?!

For general conference I made these poster boards. On the back of each picture I had a sticker or a number. Stickers were for treats, numbers were for activities. I then bought a bunch of random stuff from the dollar store for activities, like the moustaches above. The boys had such a blast this past weekend watching for the prophets and apostles. It was a really great experience for all of us. We may have only been able to catch the gist of most of the talks, but we were able to be happy and close as a family through all eight hours together. 

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