Friday, January 29, 2010

Anders David Bilodeau

Yesterday our baby's sex was finally revealed, literally. We were watching the ultrasound, and Anders is already a modest and shy little boy. He had his thighs against his tummy and his calves against the back of his thighs, completely covering his distinctive genitals. The technician kept on shoving the ultrasound 'mouse' (transducer) against his legs to get them to move so we could find out. It took him a few minutes to finally move and lo and behold, he was very much and very obviously a boy. He was very active during the ultrasound and we were able to watch his hand playing with one of his feet. He is growing strong and fast, one week ahead in his growth. I had been expecting a girl, and picturing us having a little girl for months, so it has taken me until today to wrap my head around the fact that we are having a boy. I am now very excited and can't wait for him to come. The only name we really have now that seems to feel right is Anders, but David doesn't want to settle on a name until he is born. I told him that I will be calling our son Anders anyway. We actually found the name when we were doing proxy sealings in the temple. When I heard it, it was like a bell went off in my head and I knew that this name would work for our first born son. Now commences the efforts to get my son cute clothes so that him and his dad can look good together! He will definitely look like a mini David...but it will be much harder to find him clothes because they don't make a baby Hollister. If only! I've included some ultrasound pictures, as well as, the crib bedding we are planning on getting.


Lee&Michelle said...

LOVE the crib bedding! way cute and that name is adorable!!! congrats again! you totally need to check out my blog!

Lindsay said...

Ditto on the crib bedding. So cute. :)