Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 days...5 nights

We finally made it to Canada. Our trip was long but was surprisingly do-able. Anders was such a trooper! He didn't really cry at all the entire trip. He had the rare whine when he wanted to hold mom or dad's hand, but was good to go once he was holding on.

I actually think that he did better than I did. He wasn't pregnant of course. And he didn't have to share his limited seat space with Camrose. Or have Camrose's tail wrap around his legs, or have her body push his feet into awkward positions. Actually, I think he would have enjoyed that!

Speaking of Camrose, she was our biggest struggle of the trip. The poor thing ran into accident after accident. At our first hotel she had a horribly gross bowel accident. The second day of our trip she sheared off one of her nails by accident. It was a gory and bloody mess in the car.

Anders also had some accidents in the car. He soaked through at least two diapers/outfits a day. He also decided to go number 2 in the middle of David changing his diaper in the cab of the truck. This was while David was digging out a new diaper and Anders' was completely uncovered and standing up on the seat. Yeah, it was gross. Haha. So glad David handled that one. It was only fair after I had to hold Camrose's bloody/hurt paw for over two hours.

We loved experiencing some states we had never been to before. I fell in love with Indiana and Pennsylvania. I loved the greenery and large foliage everywhere. I was very disappointed with Illinois.
The drivers were incredibly rude and the construction was poorly managed (of course tainting our experience there). New York was out of control with all of it's laws and ill-kept toll roads. I think we ended up spending over $70 dollars on toll roads to get here. Blows my mind.

We LOVE our new apartment! It is not quite home, but we have our list of what we need to get done over the next three weeks (especially before David starts school) to make it home. Things weren't feeling much different in Montreal to me, than say living in Provo, until we went to the grocery store today. Everything is in French and there are so many unfamiliar brands. I couldn't figure out what bread was what because it was all in French! Meat and cheese are also sooooooooo expensive here. Cheese is almost double the cost of what it was in Provo, and we got 4 chicken breasts for the price of a 5lb bag of frozen chicken breasts from Sam's club. I got to learn me some French, like now.

We found a car. It is a silver 2007 Malibu. We will pick it up from the Toronto Mission on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. They have to take it in to replace the brakes on Monday, which is great because now we know we will have brand new brakes. David's parents purchased a 2006 Malibu from the Montreal Mission and we love their car. This will only be the 4th car we have had since we got married 4 years ago. We are now on our fourth cell phones too. Luckily this is the first time we have moved!

So everyone who cares and reads our blog: We are safe, happy, tired and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of us in Montreal!